By Anthony Willmott

Over the years, DAS has got very good at tracking crop production in Australia and formulating accurate paddock scale estimates of hectares planted and yield weeks ahead of official numbers. This work has demonstrated how valuable this insight is for our clients.

That's why our team has something up their sleeves for the next winter growing season.

DAS Harvest Tracking, a proposed addition to our product suite, will allow DAS customers to:

1. Know when a paddock has been harvested within four days of it happening. 
2. Know which paddocks have been cut for hay/silage.
3. At any point during harvest, know how much crop is still standing and might be at risk of weather events.

We have two questions:

1. How useful or important would it be to you to know this?
2. How would you use the information?

We appreciate any feedback you can provide.  Please use the form below to contribute your thoughts! 

Harvest Tracking Feedback Form